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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract. We understand that things come up and there will be times where you need to cancel or switch your cleaning day. If you give us at least 5 days’ notice we will do everything we can to reschedule you on a different day so you won’t lose a cleaning.


Does Moppin’ Mommies provide the cleaning supplies or do I?

Many of our families prefer that we use their supplies. This would be discussed during the estimate. We would recommend certain cleaners that you can easily get at any store. When you are running low on something, we will leave you a note.


How does Moppin’ Mommies gain entry to my house if I am not at home?

We will make personal and confidential arrangements with instructions on how to enter your home. Normally a duplicate key, door or garage code is provided. If you have a security system, some families disarm the system and some have a special code they provide to us on the day of our arrival.


Is there anything I need to do before Moppin’ Mommies arrives?

We are thrilled to come clean for you but in order for us to be able to provide you the highest quality cleaning possible, we just ask for you to do a couple things to prepare for our arrival. Please put away anything that would inhibit us from cleaning certain areas, personal items such as loose papers, dog toys, children’s toys and laundry. Please make sure all dishes are put away so that we can thoroughly clean your kitchen. This helps dedicate our time to cleaning, instead of just straightening up.


What should I do with my pet on my cleaning day?

We love animals and we will discuss this during the estimate and before service begins.


What does Bonded & Insured mean?

Moppin’ Mommies is a fully insured professional cleaning company. This ensures that you will not be held responsible if an accident happens in your home. A bond is a form of insurance that protects you from any dishonest or criminal acts.


How do I arrange payment for my cleaning service?

Payment for cleaning is due on the day of service. We accept cash and all credit cards. For the first initial clean you will receive an invoice through QuickBooks via email and you can pay with a credit/debit card. Many of our families/businesses that we clean on a reoccurring basis are set up on auto pay and they are billed at the beginning of the month. Auto-pay is a secure option that is easier for everyone and it leaves an electronic accounting trail for your records. The form for auto-pay is enclosed in the welcome folder, please fill and mail or leave on counter in sealed envelope at your next cleaning. If paying with cash please leave out in a clearly marked envelope for the cleaner.


Will I have the same Professional Cleaner every time?

Our professional cleaners use the Moppin’ Mommies Method of cleaning in every home and business so that you receive the exact same high level of service no matter which cleaner is in your home/business. We don’t guarantee the same Professional Cleaner each visit, however we make every effort to offer as much consistency as possible. We like to have multiple cleaners trained in your home/business in case someone is sick or is on vacation.


Does Moppin’ Mommies work on Holidays?

Moppin’ Mommies will be closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If your cleaning falls on any of these days and you would like to reschedule around them please let us know as soon as you can. The earlier you can contact us the better for all as we fill up around holidays very quickly.


Does Moppin’ Mommies clean up Biohazards?

Moppin’ Mommies is not licensed, insured, and certified to remediate biohazard environments safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and standards. We do not clean blood, bodily fluids, sewage, mold, animal cages, litter boxes, human/animal feces, urine, vomit, soiled clothing or similar biohazards.

Do you provide cleaning services for homes with smoke residue or homes that are smoked in?

Regrettably, we do not offer cleaning services for homes with smoke residue or those that have been smoked in. This policy is in effect to prioritize the health and well-being of our cleaning professionals and to uphold a clean and healthy living environment for all our clients.

Is it okay to leave a note for the Professional Cleaner?

Definitely! It is always a good idea to communicate with us as much as possible. Especially if you have something that needs special attention or just something they need to know. If there is an issue or concern please contact Jennifer within 24 hours of your most recent service. Staying connected with our families allows us to fully understand and meet your specific needs.


What is the “Moppin Mommies Method” of Cleaning?

It is a way of cleaning developed by Jennifer Trevino to ensure your home or business gets the same high standard of cleaning as if Jennifer was there herself. She has always treated other people’s home/business as if it were her own and has incorporated that into her training along with efficiency techniques and checklist. Our goal is that we could send any professional cleaner and you would receive the exact same high level of service every time.


How can I share my experience with Moppin’ Mommies?

We would LOVE feedback from you! You are welcome to share your testimonial on our Website (, Facebook page (Moppin’ Mommies, LLC) or on Google (Moppin’ Mommies, LLC). I know the Professional Cleaners appreciate getting recognized for their hard work.


What if I refer my friends and family to Moppin' Mommies?

More than half of our business comes from referrals. We appreciate word-of-mouth advertising, and as a way to say 'thank you', we offer referral discounts.


Will Moppin’ Mommies arrive on the same day and same time for every clean?

We will coordinate with you on which day your cleaning will take place and provide you with an estimated arrival time for that day but it is very hard for us to give you an exact time of arrival. We also always try to provide you with a text reminder.


Why will my initial clean be more expensive than my reoccurring cleans?

We have found that the first cleaning takes extra time because we want to get your home up to our specific standard.


Since you own a cleaning business, is your own home clean?

Define clean? Clean - yes. Picked up - not always! I can honestly tell you my house is not spotless. We have children, animals and busy schedules too! 

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